Hello there, Thank You for visitng my website!

I'm Sayaka, the owner of PianoForte Tuning and Services, Inc. 

I am a full time Piano technician around Brevard County, FL 

also contracted with a piano store in Melbourne, FL. 

I have been a musician my entire life and  I have a Bachlor's degree 

in Music Performance in Classical Trumpet and Piano.

After years of training and working with master technicians, 

I began tuning and servicing pianos professionally.

I have completed the Grand action regulation class 

and I am a Certified WNG part installer. 

I am Pet-friendly! 

Standard Tuning Rate :$155     

Piano strings tend to unwind over time (many pianos that has not been tuned for over a year). low-pitch piano may require pitch correction (bring back closer to A440) before fine tuning can be done, in which case there will be an additional fee of $50. It can be done on the same day visit! 

Acceptable payment methods : Cash, Check, Zelle, or Credit Card

Call/Text 786-342-8416

List of other services and pricing are available on Booking page!

A photo from intensive three-day seminar conducted by the Piano Technicians Guild in Otcober 2023.

Completed and passed a final regulation skills test at the end of the seminar.

(Front row in the middle)

“Grand Action Regulation in 37 Steps” covered all phases of regulation of grand pianos. Attendees learned how to increase action control, even movement, maximize the dynamic range and achieve the fastest speed of repetition available. The course also included a detailed demonstration and explanation of the 37 steps method of regulating a grand piano alternating with guided practice on each step.


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